The Ascendants: Genesis


There is great unrest in the world ever since the emergence of Post Humans became public knowledge. With each passing day the public has grown more fearful and distrusting of the Post Humans’ presence. Dr. Connors, a man whose motives are unclear by many, has made it his personal mission to provide a safe haven for the Post Human race. To accomplish this, he has scoured the Earth in hopes of finding Post Humans that choose to use their abilities responsibly to aid him in his quest. Unfortunately, after a couple of botched missions, capturing the Ascendants has become a top priority for the defense department. To make matters worse, there are other interested parties that have been monitoring the Ascendants’ activities, and have plans to use the Ascendants’ abilities to serve their own agendas. In a world that is becoming increasingly more diverse and complex, the Ascendants have only themselves to turn to.











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The world as we know it has changed. With each passing day more and more individuals are displaying extraordinary abilities. How do you stop someone strong enough to lift a truck with ease? How do you cool off someone that can produce fire from their hands? How do you defend yourself from someone that can move objects with their minds? This story documents the trials and tribulations of a team capable of stopping these threats. They are known as The League of Protectors.