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The world as we know it has changed. With each passing day more and more individuals are displaying extraordinary abilities. How do you stop someone strong enough to lift a truck with ease? How do you cool off someone that can produce fire from their hands? How do you defend yourself from someone that can move objects with their minds? This story documents the trials and tribulations of a team capable of stopping these threats. They are known as The League of Protectors.




Being a superhero isn't easy, especially when you're still in college. Since the battle in Washington, a little over a year ago, the Post Human crime rate has increased dramatically. The crime-fighting duo Shayne Tucker and Jackson Prescott, have been tasked with the arduous mission of bringing down some of the local criminals. The first few battles prove to be less than challenging for the duo. Things change quickly however, when a new threat determined to change the world emerges. Shayne and Jackson find themselves thrown into a world they are ill prepared for and must rely on one another if they are to survive.

After learning of the death of their mother, the Foster triplets travel to New Orleans to pay their respects. While visiting the small town of Bordon Point, it becomes clear to the Fosters that there is more to the town than meets the eye. Faced with multiple threats and deception all around, Derek, Gavin and Simone must uncover the truth regarding some of the town's deadliest secrets.

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