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August 27th, 2014 I published my debut novel "The League of Protectors" It is the first of a planned trilogy. I am currently working on five seperate but connecting novellas featuring the characters from this novel. I want to give the readers more of an opportunity to explore each character and get to know them better. When I have completed the five novellas, I will be releasing them all at the same time for Kindle. In addition, I will combine the novellas into one large paperback roughly titled "The League of Protectors 1.5" These connecting novellas will serve as a bridge between the first and second novel. I have already begun work on the second novel and have outlined the plot for the third. Stay tuned for more details!
~Christian 10-16-14


 This is the cover of the first of my five novellas. This one is titled "The League of Protectors Fire and Ice." It follows the adventures of the two college age Post Humans Shayne Tucker and Jackson Prescott. These two League members have been the best of friends since their youth. They are often called Ying and Yang due to their opposite personalities. Everything about them is opposite and it is because of that, these two work so well together. "Fire and Ice" tells the story of two young men dealing with the responsibilities of being college students and protecting the world. "Fire and Ice" is a 30,000 word novella.
~Christian 10-17-14




In addition to the League of Protectors Trilogy, I have finished the first draft of two other novels. The first is a planned trilogy titled "The Damian Kaine Chronicles. The second is titled "Dead Awake." The Damian Kaine Chronicles follows the adventures of a half vampire, half human named Damian Kaine. It is Damian's job to protect the world from vampire threats. An introductory short story will be released in 2015. "Dead Awake" deals with the immediate aftermath of a uncontrollable virus that turns humans into the Infected. Survivors of this horrible virus must reinvent themselves to remain among the living. The only other option is to join the ranks of the Infected. Look for both of these novels to hit the stores sometime in 2015. Stay tuned for more details.


~Christian 10-17-14





Be sure to check this website often as I will try to update this page as much as possible. If you have any questions or advice please feel free to leave me a message. I would love to interact with you all and share this experience with you.


~Christian 10-19-14



Today is the day! The release of Christian Green's first vampire novel is upon us. Check out The Blood in Their Veins and experience an exciting story filled with tons of twists and surprises!


~Christian 6-2-15


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