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Dreams Come True

Like people, dreams come in many shapes and forms. Some dreams are good, and others leave you in a cold sweat. The thing about dreams is that they're safe. They usually occur at night when you’re in your bed all snuggled up and cozy. And although you have no control over them, in your head is where these dreams stay.

Here’s the thing though, everyone has dreams that they wish would come true. It could be anything from being rich, having a kid, to being the center of the world. Everyone’s dream is different. The exciting thing about dreams is that even though you can’t control them in your head, you can make them a reality.

Wake up each morning and ask yourself what is it I want in life? Think about it, and find a way to make that dream into a reality. Sure, there’s a chance that those dreams may never come true, but the journey towards that dream will put you on a path to a successful life.

Remember, things we love and desire aren’t supposed to be easy. So live life and take on one of the greatest self-journey one could ever explore.

~Christian Green

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